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Bluebird Behavioral Health provides the highest quality mental health care to the Des Moines area and surrounding communities of Iowa.

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Mind. Body. Spirit.

Services include comprehensive mental health diagnostic assessments and medication management of a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions. Megan can assist with referrals for specialized counseling needs and to neuropsychologists for comprehensive testing for autism spectrum diagnosis, attentional and memory issues. 

We will work together to explore the challenges in your life and create a plan of action to improve your quality of life. Depression, anxiety, and chronic stress do not have to be your normal.  

Why choose Bluebird Behavioral Health?

Individual Care 

You are not a diagnosis. You are not a number. You are not a quota . You are an individual. I believe that the best outcomes of care come from giving each person the highest quality of individual, personalized care. You are a person with a unique background, experiences, perspectives, and needs. I respect your views, opinions, and goals for care and I am an ally to help achieve them. 


You deserve time to be heard and understood. Initial appointments are 75 minutes on average and medication management follow-up appointments are 30 minutes on average. This allows for ample time for ongoing evaluation of symptoms, time to ensure your questions are answered, time to provide you evidence-based education and information to guide your care. I take the time to explore options and time to allow us to work together to ensure we are working toward your goals.

I take time and listen to you and understand the symptoms and issues at hand and provide a thorough assessment. I take the time to review your records and “dig deeper” to gather history and information needed to guide treatment. 

You should depart your visit feeling heard, understood, informed, and hopeful. Every time. 

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Your Provider

Megan practiced for several years on an inpatient adult and geriatric mental health unit and provided psychiatric assessments and consultations for the emergency room, intensive care unit, and general medical floor. During this time she also provided care to adults participating in an intensive outpatient program by providing assessment, medication management, and care planning.

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